BIM - Building Information Modelling

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Building Information Management (BIM) has become a hot topic in the construction industry since the announcement that all significant Government projects will require BIM from 2016.

As a leading manufacturer of Underfloor Heating and Plumbing systems, and partner to the construction industry, Uponor have invested heavily in developing their BIM capabilities over the past 5 years. 

BIM offers opportunities for significantly improving project efficiency through collaboration and the coordination of information and resources.  For many, it is also an open door to new markets, a means to develop new capabilities, and increase the scale and scope of services.

There is strong support from major industry institutions and drive for BIM awareness but there is still a lot to be done to establish the correct level of competence and awareness in the industry.  Newcomers need to overcome a steep learning curve, justify a not-inconsiderable investment in capital, people, tools and processes, and there is still some uncertainty and risk as standards, frameworks, responsibilities and infrastructure continue to develop.

Uponor is a strong believer in the big ideas behind BIM and has been driving its use across all applications, working to support their customers.  Projects to date have included pre-insulated underground pipework, plumbing and heating applications.   Significant investment has been made in the latest Audodesk Revit software and what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) 3D models.  Drawings have been developed along with; linked Bills of materials for 100% accuracy, split schedules by project, block, floor and system to best suite installation programs and coded drawings to help installers.  Smart project information includes accurate material costs and installation times.     

Martin Bignell, Design & Estimating Manager at Uponor, comments, “The goal is to support efficient buildings and design, adopt best practices and get projects right first time”

“Even after 4 years of development there is still much to do and Uponor, with its partners, will continue to drive the adoption of this technology which will change the construction industry” 

“as companies embark on their BIM journey, or their next BIM project, Uponor are prepared and would like the opportunity to support relevant projects with the expertise we have developed”