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Build on Uponor.

Uponor is a listed company with its head office in Vantaa, Finland and has existed for nearly one-hundred years. Uponor is a leading global provider of systems and solutions in the fields of hygienic drinking water delivery, energy-efficient heating and cooling and reliable infrastructure. The company is active in a variety of markets in the construction sector, –from residential and commercial construction to industry and civil engineering. Uponor products are available to customers in over 100 countries. They provide hygienically safe drinking water as well as energy-efficient heating and cooling. The company has committed itself to sustainability and the goal of making people's lives more pleasant.

Build on Uponor

Trust forms the basis of any successful partnership. This is the basis on which they can build, in a literal and metaphorical sense. We create trust together with our partners: Customers, prospective customers and suppliers. We establish this with shared knowledge, quality and sustainable results.

This is what we have been doing for nearly 100 years.

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