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From a carpentry workshop to a global player


Uponor today is formed from the European innovators of the past and its roots can be traced right back to the 1620's.

The company has its origins in 1918, with the first plastic pipes manufactured in 1965.

Over the following decades the company has grown through innovation and investment in new products and markets, along with strategic acquisitions and development, to become a leading supplier of plumbing, indoor climate and infrastructure solutions around the globe.


Aukusti Asko-Avonius establishes a carpentry workshop in Lahti, Finland.
Aukusti Asko Avonius


The first plastic factory, Upo-Muovi, starts up in Nastola, Finland, and launches its first plastic pipes.
Uponor factory


Uponor enters plastic hot water pipe business by acquiring the German company Hewing and the Swedish company Wirsbo Asko Oy is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.


Acquisition of 40% of the German company, Unicor GmbH, ownership raised to 100% by 1999.

Uponor merges with parent company Asko Oyj – renamed Uponor Oyj on 31 December 1999.

One brand and "One Unified Uponor".

Uponor Hassfurt


Uponor and Belkin International establilsh a company called Phyn.
Uponor phyn logo
Uponor History book


In celebration of 90 years in business, Uponor published in September 2008 a book conveying its story from 1918 to 2008.
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