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Uponor’s President and CEO shadowed for a day by student Roope Lääkkölä

Last week, Uponor’s President and CEO Jyri Luomakoski was shadowed for a day at Uponor’s headquarters in Vantaa, Finland, by Roope Lääkkölä, a fourth year business student from Aalto University School of Business, currently completing his master’s degree, majoring in Finance.

“CEO x 1 Day” is organised annually by Odgers Berndtson, a global executive search firm. The purpose of the programme is to give university students an opportunity to spend a day in the shoes of a senior executive, equipping them with valuable knowledge on leadership. Through a somewhat lengthy application procedure, Odgers Berndtson identifies students with outstanding leadership potential, and matches them with a CEO from a leading organisation.

I was excited to be able to spend the day at Uponor – a company with a lot of history, yet forward-looking, receptive and sustainable,” comments Roope.
The day started at 8.30 and continued until after 16.30, including meetings and discussions with many different functions at Uponor.

When I received the agenda, I was positively surprised at how much time and attention was set aside for me. That happened in practice as well - I had many insightful discussions with different people, for which I am grateful,” says Roope.

This experience will definitely have an implicit and indirect influence on me and my future. For instance, I've got new insights on which skills and traits to develop, a better understanding of how executives at a large corporation may think, and the kind of activities a CEO might be involved in,” comments Roope.


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