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Q&E Shrink-fit plastic plumbing system, the myths and the facts

Uponor UK research with Installers

Over the last few years there has been wide spread condemnation of "single use" plastics, which are discarded irresponsibly and thus cause damage to the environment and ecosystem.

At Uponor, we stand apart from this by supplying the Q&E Shrink-Fit Plastic Plumbing System, which boasts a long service life (as you will see below) and is in fact just as eco friendly as other appliances within a standard home. When compared to alternative solutions such as copper, the Q&E Shrink-Fit system offers a longer service life.

Keen to understand whether this is widely understood in the marketplace, Uponor UK have devoted time to speak to valued installers to ascertain what their perceptions are of the Q&E Shrink-Fit plastic plumbing system. The feedback provided some valuable insights and gave Uponor the idea to produce an article which debunks some common myths around plastic plumbing systems and highlights the key facts.