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Preparing for an underfloor heating installation

Is it complicated to install an underfloor heating system?

Although it is not complicated to install an underfloor heating system, there are a few design principles which need to be followed to ensure your system has a long service life. Essentially, the the heat source is often the same as a standard conventional radiator system but the materials and method of distribution differ.

 Design Principles

  •  There is a central distribution point, the manifold, which is served by the primary heating source and which distributes warm water to the pipes of the UFH system
  •  UFH operates with a low water temperature flow and return and therefore requires its own water temperature controls and own pump
  •  UFH uses the whole floor area as the heating medium, replacing radiators or convectors

  Please note- It is recommended that an approved engineer carries out the installation of an Uponor underfloor heating system. 

What preparation tips do Uponor have for installing underfloor heating 

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