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Uponor Product updates (February 2019)

Full list of Plumbing portfolio changes


Product Update - 25 & 32mm MLC packing quantities

As part of our continued product improvements, we are changing the size of the packaging quantities of 25mm and 32mm MLC in both 3m and 5m lengths.

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Product Update - Fibre Washers

As part of our support for our current range of products, Uponor have added a range of ½”, ¾” and 1” fibre washers into our list of spare parts.

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Product Update - LS & NV plumbing manifolds for heating

Manifold, plumbing, pipes

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Product Update - MLC Pressure Test Plug - O-rings

Uponor UK have recently added a range of replacement O-rings for the MLC pressure test plugs

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Full list of Local Heat Distribution portfolio changes


New product communication- Ecoflex shrink tape replacement

Our new Ecoflex Thermo PRO tape is smaller, more convenient and now includes a self adhesive layer. Available from April 2019

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