uponor s press plus

MLC or PEX pipes - what plumbing fittings should I use?

At Uponor we offer a wide range of plumbing fittings, which are either compatible with our MLC or PEX pipes. 

With such a large range it can often be confusing as to when to use each fitting. The content below will hopefully provide a simple guide as to when to use our Q&E Shrink-Fit, RTM and Press Fit fittings (including the new S-Press Plus range).

Each of our plumbing fittings are designed to last and provide safe delivery of drinking water in residential and commercial applications

Please note- it is recommended that MLC pipe is used for "in front" of wall applications and PEX pipe is installed "behind the wall"

2. Ring Tension Memory (RTM)

3. Press Fit