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Uponor Limited provide heating systems for all building types, from one bedroom flats to large public buildings.

We offer real solutions for both underfloor and radiator heating systems, including intelligent controls. We are at the forefront of heating innovation, providing a complete comfort experience to all our users.

Our level of expertise is regularly called upon as a reference point by the professions, third-party manufacturers and users alike. Indeed our slogan ‘no sales without support’ shows our dedication to always inaugurate support before a project takes place. On a practical level we appreciate our products are only as good as the technician who installs them.

In 2004 we opened our own dedicated training academy which allows our customers to learn about the theoretical aspects of underfloor heating, then putting this knowledge into practice in our practical suite, giving the best results to the end user.

As a key part of Uponor's offering to the UK market, the Uponor Building Energy division provides a complete design, supply and installation service for indoor climate solutions.

Before being acquired by the Uponor group in 2009, velta had established its self as one of the UK's leading providers of TABS with a wealth of experience accumulated from mainland Europe since 1997.

Focusing upon larger scale commercial projects, the UBE team can provide comprehensive support from building design through to aftersales... 

Uponor Product Offerings

Uponor MLC Pipe
Uponor MLC pipe is a perfect solution for many types of plumbing and heating installations. We produce over 50 million metres of this innovative, Multi-layer Composite Piping (MLCP) system every year for world–wide applications, making it the market leader. Imagine, a pipe with all the advantages of metal and plastic but with none of the disadvantages;

• Diffusion Barrier - The aluminium core is absolutely diffusion tight; it reliably prevents the ingress of oxygen
• High form stability
• High bending flexibility
• Low heat expansion - It compen- sates and reduces snap-back forces and heat expansion with changes in temperature
• Easy jointing - The system is designed for easy, safe and fast pipe installations; cut to length, bevel, join and press … simple.

Currently available in 12 sizes ranging from 12-110mm, Uponor MLCP is now the first genuine pipe for all plumbing and heating applications.

Uponor PEX Pipe
Uponor have been designing systems for over 30 years and with this experience have developed the Uponor PEX underfloor heating system, available with numerous inventive features, for all floor structures.

Uponor PEX plumbing and heating systems are developed and manufactured to meet all relevant national and international standards and are complemented by a range of specially designed fittings to meet the requirements of both specifier and installer.

PEX Pipe at a glance:

• Diffusion Barrier and opacity to BS7291 standard
• Pipe memory jointing ensures a safe, non-mechanical connection
• Choice of fittings
• Pipes for all heating and potable water applications (meets with BS6920 and BS7291 standards
• Corrosion free system
• Superior long term durability

Uponor Ecoflex
Uponor Ecoflex is the proven name for the pioneering, flexible, pre–insulated plastic piping system to transport a variety of liquids both inside and outside a building. Its material properties give long service life and as the pipes are low-weight and highly flexible, they can be installed easily and quickly, even over obstacles and round corners.

The pipes are supplemented by a wide range of pipe couplings, T-pieces, bends, chambers, wall sleeves etc. – in brief – everything you need for a complete Uponor Pre-Insulated Pipe system.