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Uponor Sustainability

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Uponor sustainability commitment

Uponor is committed to addressing the key issues of our time through innovations that help to reduce environmental impact. Through partnerships, we strive to provide leadership in sustainable solutions for the mutual well-being of both people and the planet, while ensuring the long-term viability of our operations.
Keeping in mind the triple bottom line (environment, social and financial pillar), Uponor work within the following framework:
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Uponor's Sustainability Principles Explained

1) CULTURE: Strongly integrating sustainability into our corporate mindset. To succeed in our journey towards a sustainable future, we will develop a corporate culture of sustainability with the full commitment and engagement of all of our employees.

2)  CARE: Driving down our environmental impact throughout our manufacturing and non-manufacturing facilities. We are committed to minimising resource utilisation and waste, and implementing renewable energy sources.

3) CUSTOMER: Enriching lives through our innovative solutions.  Through our innovative and sustainable solutions, we will help to achieve zero carbon emissions while creating comfortable and healthy built environments. 

4) PARTNER: Engaging stakeholders in our sustainable journey we will collaborate with all of our stakeholders to create sustainable communities for future generations.

Sustainability metrics

Uponor 2017 sustainability performance

The above graphic shows that significant progress has been made in the areas of recycling, water consumption and the amount of fossil fuels that are used.