Snowdon Summit Cafe, Snowdon

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Located at the top of the highest mountain in Wales is the aptly named Snowdon Summit café is probably the most exposed building in the whole of the UK. As the name suggests it offers walkers and climbers alike a chance to rest their legs and experience arguably the best view in the country. The design has taken into consideration a number of key factors that ensures the building is a functional structure, and does not distract from the breath-taking views. To do this architect Ray Hole has opted for a number of objectives to ensure the building met both the expectations of the walking community; including non reflective windows, the noise and acoustics of the generators and naturally the heating the building. So the decision was made to go with a Uponor UFH system, based on its sustainable credentials, and quiet performance. Faced with the enviable task of installing the UFH 1085 metres above sea level was Marvel Heating, who can now without question say they've installed the highest underfloor heating job in the country! The Multi Layer underfloor system was zoned into four separate loops, connected to two separate manifolds, set in a screeded floor application to give the desired 70W/m2 output. The project used four separate 'public' wired controls connected via a UP36 weather compensation device to cope with the sudden changes in outside temperature. As the most exposed location the UK the Uponor UP36 weather compensation device will get tested to its absolute maximum, having to cope to some with the UK's most extreme weather changes. Effectively altering the temperature of the system in correlation to the outside temperature, the UP36 ensures the system is only on in periods where the heat is needed, this potentially is a cost effective, short term solution to reducing carbon emissions. In addition this comes complete with a set back function that reduces the floor temperature in times of inactivity, but maintains a residual heat to reduce the reaction time when the system is in full use. The UP36 also makes the best use of an exercise function, which runs the system automatically for a minimal period if the pump has not been operated within a three day time frame. This minimises the possibility of a pump or valve seizing under long periods of inactivity during the summer months.

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