uponor varicool uni ceiling heating and cooling

Ceiling heating and cooling

Varicool Uni gypsum ceiling panel

Seamless heating and cooling

Varicool Uni is a water-supported heating and cooling ceiling system that operates primarily according to the radiation principle and is characterised by a variety of application and design options. This design can be used to create jointless and directionless ceiling surfaces for specific architectural requirements. The system supports flexible room design, even in difficult room layouts, with consistent functionality.

The Varicool Uni cooling and heating system provides a pleasant atmosphere and excellent room acoustics. The design principle means that there is no need for mounting profiles for the ceiling cladding in the area of the active cooling surfaces. This results in a larger activatable ceiling area for higher cooling and heating performance.



  • High sound absorption with no draughts
  • Ideally suited to renewable energy sources
  • Integration of additional ceiling elements possible, e.g. lights, fire alarms, air outlets
  • High heating and cooling performance thanks to full-surface activation of the ceiling area