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Our solutions for drainage in buildings are strong, simple and easy to use. Systems which can withstand sustained and heavy stresses and which contributes to a healthy and attractive domestic environment. Our experience contributes to your safety.
Uponor Decibel
Uponor Decibel is the most modern silent soil & waste pipe system, combining innovative technology with good design. The system was just recently launched, but its development has only begun.

The development process of Uponor Decibel has been interesting for several reasons. First, it was about finding the best design to eliminate noise. The solution is a multilayer polypropylene construction with a unique mineral layer in between. Tests conducted by the German Fraunhofer Institute shows excellent sound absorbing properties. But that was not the only design parameter.

The appearance counts
- We know that appearance is important when it comes to soil and waste pipes, since part of the installation is often visible. Therefore, we wanted to survey our customers to find out what color they would prefer.
Based on their responses, Decibel became white. Herewith, we created a pipe that is not only silent, but also looks stylish and neat when visible in the kitchen and bathroom areas.

Continuous development
Uponor Decibel is a complete system of pipes and fittings in the dimensions 50, 75 and 110 mm, fully compatible with the traditional indoor drainage. Still, the system development continues. Several interesting, new components will be soon ready for launch.

- Uponor Decibel is already the most modern silent soil and waste system in the market, but soon it will be even better. And particularly easier to install, concludes Niila Tast, Application Manager at Uponor Infra.

Uponor Decibel will be sold by Uponor Infra in the Nordics.