Solutions from Uponor

  • Living room radiant heating
  • Geothermal energy
  • Pre insulated pipe systems
  • Tap water kitchen

Indoor climate and plumbing systems for different building types

Uponor specialises in high quality, innovative solutions that improve people's welfare and quality of life. We set the standards in modern living comfort, whether we are talking about heating, health, and well-being, or about energy savings and the environment.

  • Solutions with over 30 years of proven performance
  • Solutions committed to the environment
  • Solutions committed to our professional partners
  • Solutions designed to enrich the customer's life
  • Solutions that listen to and understand your unique needs

Indoor Climate Solutions

We offer a broad variety of radiant heating and cooling solutions, providing maximum comfort for the user, high energy-efficiency, and the best possibilities for taking advantage of environmentally sound renewable energies.

Plumbing Solutions

We offer plumbing solutions that are corrosion resistant, hygienic, and flexible, providing the construction industry with fast and efficient installation technologies and giving the end-users a long-lasting, healthy, and trouble-free solution.

Indoor climate project services and engineering from Uponor

The complexity of our solutions requests building specialists. Therefore we offer an entire service portfolio around your building project, especially developed for indoor climate and plumbing solutions.