Sobna kontrola temperaure

Room temperature controls

Uponor Smatrix: more comfort for less energy

The intelligent control system with autobalancing

Uponor Smatrix is a fully integrated control system for radiant heating and cooling. Self-learning and intelligent, Uponor Smatrix features autobalancing technology that constantly anticipates and adjusts the exact amount of energy needed to ensure optimal comfort at all times.

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Easy to install: Less wiring - or completely wireless

Easy to use: Intelligent algorithms optimise the system automatically and constantly for both wired and wireless controls

Easy to control: Optimum energy output for individual comfort

Why choose Uponor Smatrix?

Room temperature controls

Uponor Smatrix documents and Software update

Software update Uponor Smatrix PRO

Software update Uponor Smatrix Wave 

Uponor has launched the new Smatrix T-162 thermostatic head.

In order to have full compatibility between the new thermostatic head T-162, controller (series X-16x) and interfaces (I-167) in a Uponor Wave PLUS system,  all the software must be update to the new versions.


Installation Uponor Smatrix X145

Check out our videos offering installation techniques and tips for installers below. This first video explains how to correctly program an Uponor Smatrix Base room controller X-145 and Uponor Smatrix Base slave module M-140.

Installation Uponor Smatrix T143 and T163

This video provides guidance on the Smatrix Public Thermostat registration process for wired and wireless T-143 and T-163.

Installation Uponor Smatrix T146, T148, T166 and T167

Watch this video to learn how to register an Uponor digital thermostat for T-146, T-148, T-166 and T-167.

Installation Uponor Smatrix I167

This video shows you the Uponor Smatrix Wave PLUS interface I-167 registration process.