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Ceiling heating and cooling

Ceiling heating and cooling for optimal comfort

 Ceiling radiant heating and cooling systems are more cost efficient than air heating/cooling systems, as a result of ongoing energy savings. They create better thermal comfort for the occupants and provide greater freedom to architects and contractors due to the reduction of duct services. What’s more, ceiling systems can be combined with renewable energy sources, to assist with the development of a sustainable and energy efficient building.

Uponor can offer a wide range of radiant heating & cooling solutions for ceiling surfaces, which can be implemented in commercial or domestic projects. Our offering contains in-slab, in-plaster and panel applications, combining a comprehensive solution offering for any type of ceiling structure.

 TABS ( Thermal Active Building Systems)

Uponor TABS utilises the thermal mass of a buildings concrete structure to transport heating and cooling water via pipes. Ceilings, floor and walls will be used for cooling and contribute to the heating of the building. The inserted pipes utilise the concrete mass to store and exchange thermal energy.

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