uponor opti y ceiling heating and cooling

Ceiling heating and cooling

Varicool Opti Y chilled ceiling panel (metal) 

The high-performance open type cooling system

Varicool Opti Y is a high-performance open type louvre system for cooling rooms, mainly using free convection and radiation. The louvered cooling elements, which are equipped with a finely rippled surface, are suitable for rooms of all types, whether as individually suspended ceiling modules, in flat louvered ceilings or in concealed installations above panel ceilings. Special features include the high surface area cooling capacity and the large free ceiling cross-section. Sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, air outlets and lighting fittings can be installed between the vertical louvres. The system can also be combined with any chosen air guidance system. The ceiling system is also suitable for covering the heat load.


  • High-level, silent cooling without draughts
  • Can be combined with ceiling elements, e.g. sprinkler systems and lighting fixtures
  • Can be used with any ventilation system
  • Depending on the visual requirements, exposed or concealed mounting options are available
  • Positive effect on room acoustics
  • Free choice of colours according to RAL