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Uponor Hygiene Logic

Let’s open our eyes to the importance of hygienic drinking water

Did you know that more than 656,097 deaths are caused by water-related diseases this year? Even though the most cases are underreported by many professionals, the most dangerous water-related infection is Legionnaires’ Disease. The disease is caused by growing of severe bacteria Legionella in contaminated water with 10-15 % fatality rate from infected patients.

Find out more about Legionnaire’s Disease:

Legionnaire's Disease Fact Sheet

Take care: with the Uponor Hygiene Logic

  1. Uponor loop installation and automatic flushing units ensures water constantly flows with no stagnation.
  2. Uponor pipe technology and design methods keeps the water temperature below 25 °C and avoids overheating
  3. Uponor heat interface units deliver water on demand.
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The expert opinion: save money and reduce the risk of water contamination by selecting the Uponor Hygiene Logic

Plan, install and monitor with the complete Uponor solution

We provide you with detailed knowledge about fulfilling the legal standards for drinking water, offer you design service support for HSE and BIM, and invite you to training sessions about clean water systems at the Uponor Training Academy.

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Read more about Uponor principle and solutions of Hygiene Logic
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Uponor Hygiene whitepaper

Drinking Water Hygiene Expert, Arnd Bürschgens analyses the Uponor Hygiene Logic in comparison to traditional installation

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Uponor hygiene logic