Why choose MLCP over Copper?

Rising Copper prices amidst worldwide changes in demand

copper pipe
Copper prices always remain susceptible to fluctuations, due to changing demand patterns from Asia. Indeed, it is estimated that China's demand (Platts, 2018) alone for copper is set to rise by over 400,000 mt in 2018.

With only a finite production capacity, worldwide supply is struggling to keep up with this increase in demand. As such, prices increase and alternatives are considered.

At Uponor, we believe we offer a faster, cleaner, more cost-effective and more secure alternative to copper pipe systems. But in order to form your own opinion, we have provided a comparison between Uponor's MLCP solution and copper based systems below

So how does MLCP compare to copper pipe systems? 


  • Price stability- unlike copper, Uponor's MLCP system is not susceptible to worldwide fluctuations in demand. With more control over production, there is a high degree of price stability
  • No preparation for the jointing method- MLCP is ready to work with as soon it is delivered to site. There is no need to alter the pipes before making a joint
  • No hot works- no soldering is required to make an Uponor MLCP joint. Simply, use Uponor's specialised tools and jaws
  • No wastage- there are no offcuts, which means better value for money. What's more the solution is non-corrosive and can subsequently be utilised in the long term
  • Sustainable Solution- Uponor responsibly sources the materials required to make an MLC pipe. This means there are fewer issues with regards to long term supply


  • Variable pricing- as discussed above, Copper prices are always susceptible to changes due to fluctuations in demand. This uncertainty is only set to increase.
  • Needs cleaning, flux and solder- a lot more preparation is required before you can even begin putting together a joint. Overall, this requires more time to be set aside to carry out a job. Time is money as thy say!
  • Hot works permit is required- this can often be challenging to obtain. What's more hot works also carry a health and safety risk for the installer
  • Possible theft issues- as copper becomes a more valued commodity, the likelihood of thefts on site will increase
  • Current issues with copper supply- the current production of copper is not sustainable in the long term. Consequently, alternatives must be considered


MLCP benefits over Copper in a nutshell

Uponor-komposiittiputkien liittämisessä käytetään jokaiselle liitinkoolle suunniteltuja puristusleukoja.
  • Designed to make‘your life easier’-  It’s not only simple, easy and fast to use… MLCP also offers the full support and extensive back-up that you’d
    expect from a major brand and market leader
  • Designed for inherent flexibility-Perfect for any application where copper pipes might be used. Used worldwide for commercial and domestic applications. Available in the widest range of sizes 16 - 110mm
  • Designed for fewer connections-The inherent stability of the pipe and the low linear expansion ensure a few fixing points are necessary. This delivers a highly practical advantage for a safe and fast installation
  • Designed to last- It’s corrosion and incrustation-free. The five-layer composite pipe has a diffusion-tight aluminium core layer that prevents the ingress of oxygen
  • Designed to deliver fast and clean installations-Easy to bend. Just cut to length and press to fit a guaranteed, secure connection. ‘Head to head’ speed tests have proved that it’s faster…and easier.