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Independence of the energy situation

Ground energy or Geothermy (Greek:geo = earth; thermy = heat) is the heat stored in the accessible part of the earth crust. Geothermy describes both, dealing with thermal energy and its utilization from a technical point of view and the scientific investigation of the thermal situation of the Earth.

The geothermal gradient, which is the difference in temperature between the core of the planet and its surface, drives a continuous conduction of thermal energy in the form of heat from the core to the surface.
Ground energy, stored up to 400m depth, cannot only be used as source of energy for radiant heating and water heating but also as an energy source for radiant cooling with very low operating costs. Ground energy can be used in all types of buildings from single-family houses to large office and industrial buildings. When a ground system is operating it hardly requires any running costs and has a long operating period. Though the investment costs for a ground energy system are slightly higher than for conventional boilers and cooling aggregates the amortization period is shorter due to the low operating costs.

Ground energy as energy source in combination with radiant emitter systems is the all-in-one solution with respect to the combination of heating and cooling. Such systems are more efficient and easier to install than two separate systems for heating and cooling. In addition, the radiant emitter systems benefit from the exergy principle in the form of reduction of the operating temperatures for heating and high operating temperatures for cooling.
Thus the heat pump can work with a higher efficiency (operating factor) which reduces the power consumption and hence the operating costs accordingly.

Why is ground energy eco-friendly?

Renewable and environmentally friendly
Safe, controllable and versatile
High performance
Ground energy is available endlessly, 24 hours a day for heating and cooling.
Any usage of ground energy reduces the emissions of greenhouse gas.

Ground energy is technically mature and has been used for heating and cooling for more than 50 years.
Applicable in combination with other energy sources


A response to all energy demands such as heating, cooling, hot waters and energy storage.
Ground Energy is the only sustainable Energy source which can cover basic loads.


Regionally usable, independent of external suppliers and changes in currency exchange rates.
Ground energy increases the industrial competitiveness and as a result has a positive effect on the regional development and employment

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Horizontal collector
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Heat exchangers which are installed horizontally in the upper two meters of the ground (surface collector). These are individual pipe loops or parallel pipe registers which are usually installed next to the building.

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