Ecoflex VIP Lambda sustainability

Uponor Ecoflex VIP with Vacuum Insulation Panel

Next generation of pre-insulated pipes
Ecoflex VIP Lambda value

Outstanding insulation performance

Next generation of pre-insulated pipes
Ecoflex VIP Flexibility

Incredible flexibility

Next generation of pre-insulated pipes

Uponor Ecoflex VIP is the next generation of pre-insulated pipes for outdoor pipe insulation

The new standard for local and district heating networks with outdoor pipe insulation: Ecoflex VIP combines the best heat loss performance for flexible foam insulation pipes on the market with outstanding flexibility. By adapting the groundbreaking Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP) technology, heat losses can be reduced by up to 60%. The flexible design and small diameter help to reduce the installation time of the pipes by up to 20% compared to hard foam insulated flexible pipes, and by more than double compared to steel pipes.

Product features and product design

Product design

  1. Jacket pipe:  Extremely flexible and durable
  2. Soft insulation: Flexible and easy to install
  3. VIP insulation: Outstanding insulation performance
  4. Centring profile: Clear identification of flow & return pipe
  5. PE-Xa service pipe: The most robust pipe available
Ecoflex VIP layers

Product features

  • System for hot water, warm tap water or cooling water
  • Single or Twin pipes
  • Operating pressure: 6 or 10 bar
  • Max. operation temperature: 95°C
Uponor Ecoflex VIP with outdoor pipe insulation

Features for Ecoflex VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panel)

Reduce heat losses

Exceptional insulation performance

Keep the heat where it belongs

  • Lowest lambda value of 0,004 W/Mk
  • Up to 30 % smaller diameter compared to conventional soft foam insulated pipes
  • Up to 60 % reduction in heat loss through VIP technology

Ecoflex VIP Lambda value
Supreme flexibility

Small diameter

Incredibly easy to install

  • Faster installation and less on-site disruption compared to steel pipes and hard PUR foam pre-insulated flexible pipes
  • Easier handling
  • Lower installation costs


Ecoflex VIP flexibility
Saving resources

Paving the way for net zero

Today and tomorrow

  • Fewer oil-based materials used during production
  • ~ 20% lower CO2 emissions over the life cycle of the installation
  • Positive contribution to meeting global sustainability standards


Ecoflex VIP Sustainability

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Ecoflex VIP Augmented Reality

Grand Tower Frankfurt

The Grand Tower Frankfurt has been insulated with VIPs, saving up to 123 m2 living area in total at 47 floors. This corresponds to one spacious additional apartment. In addition, a solution has been  provided for insulating the facade's many organically shaped units, called "tubes", which required the use of curved VIPs.

 "This case study is another great example of the different benefits VIPs bring for the building industry. It is a fact that VIPs are an innovative solution which can contribute to considerable space savings in highly populated cities." states Roland Caps, va-Q-tec's Founder and Board member of VIPA International.

Installation of Ecoflex VIP pipes

warm tap water connection

From design to installation

  • Faster installation and less on-site disruption
  • Savings of up to 60% in installation time compared to steel pipes, and up to 20% compared to hard PUR foam pre-insulated flexible pipes
  • Easier handling, even in confined spaces
  • Ecoflex VIP is compatible with all Ecoflex accessories and fittings


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FAQs - Your questions - and our answers

VIP stands for vacuum insulation panels, which use silica filled core wrapped in aluminum hybrid foil with evacuated air. Vacuum insulated panel consist of state of the art insulation material with extremely high performance and already proven and reliable usage in different industries like healthcare, automotive, construction, and household appliances.
Thanks to the unique hybrid construction of incorporating, the innovative VIP technology provides Ecoflex VIP pre-insulated pipes with extremely high insulation performance and excellent flexibility.

For more information look up the video.


Ecoflex VIP offers a revolutionary low lambda value of insulation material <0,004 W/mK.

Insulation performance is 5 times higher than PUR and 10 times higher than PEX.

Left side graph: Without VIP: Simulation of Ecoflex Thermo VIP 63 mm in jacket 140 mm in case VIP is not used

Right side graph: With VIP: Ecoflex Thermo VIP 63 mm in jacket 140 mm. The heat is "blocked" by VIP insulation inside the pipe.

To have the same insulation performance (same heat loss) as VIP in jacket 140 mm we would need 310 mm jacket with out standard soft foam insulation material. 

Find more technical details in the product information.

 Ecoflex VIP insulation performance

Ecoflex VIP pre-insulated pipes are produced according to EN 15632, Part 1 & 3 – the same standard as other pre-insulated pipes using soft foam insulation, e.g Ecoflex Thermo and Ecoflex Varia.

Ecoflex Thermo VIP Single

Ecoflex Thermo VIP single





Ecoflex Thermo VIP TwinEcoflex VIP Thermo Twin

Yes, Ecoflex VIP pipes are fully compatible with other Ecoflex products and accessories.
Connection to pipe systems using other plastics materials or steel is possible with accessories in the same way as with other Ecoflex pipes.
ecoflex q&e jointing technology

The complete Uponor Ecoflex system is designed for easiest possible installation, so only standard tools used in pipe, Wipex fitting and accessories installation are needed. Only exception is the Uponor Quick & Easy fitting system, where special tooling is needed.

Look up video with Quick & Easy fitting installation.

Ecoflex flexible pre insulated pipes

No, installation of Ecoflex VIP follows the same way as other Uponor Ecoflex products.

Look up Ecoflex pipe installation manual.

The combination of multilayer hybrid insulation and small diameter of the pipe provides very high flexibility, which is even better than with traditional Ecoflex products, and bending radius is up to 50% smaller than with hard foam insulated pipes. 
The flexible design and small diameter help to reduce the installation time of the pipes by up to 20% compared to hard foam insulated flexible pipes, and by more than double compared to steel pipes.