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Renovation, without significant disruption to traffic and the environment

There are miles and miles of old sewer and storm water systems below our feet. Systems that are used 24/7. Systems that we take for granted.

Pipe networks used for drinking water are designed to last for 30–50 years (from material and technical points of view). Well functioning water networks are important, filling basic needs for society and health.

Maintenance of pipelines is vital, especially as they come towards the end of their lifecycle, when the potential for leakages and the risk of burst pipes increases. Today the renovation rate of water supply pipes is roughly between 0.3 to 0.8 per cent and to minimize the risks in Northern Europe, it should at least be doubled in the coming years.

Replacing old pressure pipelines with new is generally carried out by “open cut” excavation. Excavation is not only time consuming and costly, it also increases risks in traffic control and can be hazardous for pedestrians.

In cooperation with professional installers we provide no dig relining solutions for both gravity and pressure applications.