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With Uponor Combi Port and Aqua Port

Build on new ways for­ energy-efficient buildings

Follow us to the future of domestic hot water generation and heat distribution

Buildings are responsible for at least 40 % of global energy consumption and over a third of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why new ways of enhancing energy efficiency in buildings are vital in combating human-induced climate change. Our decentralised Combi Port and Aqua Port heat interface units make a key contribution by supplying on-demand, energy-efficient hydronic heating and cooling as well as hygienic hot water.

It's time for a turnaround

  • New generation of energy-efficient domestic hot water generation and heating/cooling distribution
  • Hygienic hot water generation on demand to avoid legionella growth
  • Individually developed & prefabricated heat interface units

Your benefits of choosing decentralised domestic hot water generation and heat distribution

40% energy savings
uponor combi port

A new way of thinking: from centralised to decentralised

  • 58 % energy savings in distribution pipes through decentralised heat supply system
  • Up to 80 % energy savings in renovation projects with insulation measures
  • Lower investment costs than conventional systems and significantly lower operating costs
100% hygienic
uponor combi port

A new way of hygiene: mastering a critical issue

  • Hygienic domestic hot water generation with no hot water storage
  • Hot water heated up on demand to required temperature in each apartment
  • Integral part of industry-leading Uponor Hygiene Logic
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30% faster installation
uponor combi port

A new way of installation: individually developed & prefabricated

  • We individually configure, calculate energy savings and develop the heat interface unit for your particularly project requirements.
  • The product is fully tested and delivered ready-made to the construction site.
  • That saves you time and money through easier and much faster plug-and-play installation.

Build on our service support

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Uponor provides extensive Building Information Modelling (BIM) files library.
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McCarthy and Stone

Uponor UK assisted McCarthy and Stone with supplying Heat Interface Units


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Uponor Combi Port

Decentralised Heat Interface Units. Hygienic and reliable fresh domestic water on demand

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