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  • Room temperature control

Ideal room temperatures every month of the year

Uponor offers room controls for different needs, suitable for all types of buildings and for both new built and renovation.
Uponor individual room temperature control offers a selection of components which can be combined to suit the widest range of requirements. They offer a convenient and efficient way of regulating the temperature in individual rooms or larger zones.

Everyone perceives temperature differently. During summer and winter, maximum thermal comfort can only be reached if the environmental temperatures satisfy the needs of the user and not the other way round.

This requires a flexible and sensitive control system. Uponor offers exactly this, ranging from room thermostats to controllers and heating manifolds, all from one source.

A feeling of well-being in our surroundings can only be achieved when all components fit perfectly with each other. The innovative systems from Uponor for individual room and supply temperature control, combined with Uponor radiant heating and cooling solutions, provide comfortable ambient temperatures all year round, together with ease of use.

Auto Balance Technology

Auto Balance Technology (ABT) is patented technology unique to Uponor and only exists in our system. The function replaces the need for manual balancing of the loops. Instead of balancing the system for one peak load, the system calculates the actual energy needs in the single rooms over the heating season and adapts to those needs.

This gives more even floor temperatures, faster system reactions with lower energy consumption than any standard on/off system. You can save up to 12% on energy usage with ABT.

It goes on balancing through the changing seasons and throughout the household’s changing lifestyle and usage patterns. Most of all, you will love the true radiant comfort only Uponor radiant thermostats provide! 


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