Smatrix: more comfort for less energy

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The intelligent control system with autobalancing

Smatrix is a fully integrated control system for radiant heating and cooling. Self-learning and intelligent, Smatrix features autobalancing technology that constantly anticipates and adjusts the exact amount of energy needed to ensure optimal comfort at all times.

  • Easy to install: Less wiring - or completely wireless
  • Easy to use: Intelligent algorithms optimise the system automatically and constantly for both wired and wireless controls
  • Easy to control: Optimum energy output for individual comfort


Smatrix creates value

The intelligent modular system offers invaluable benefits for everyone


    • Smatrix is the most comfortable way to save energy and costs in your home – and at the same time improve individual comfort.
    • Smatrix is ideal for specification because it offers a fully integrated and easily expandable system with outstanding service before and after installation.
    • Less wiring and easy setup on installation save time and money. And there is no need for time-consuming maintenance anymore.


    • Distributors can be sure that the complete, integrated Smatrix portfolio is a perfect fit for installers' and householders' needs.