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  • Supply water temperature controls

Uponor control centre for supply temperature

Individual room temperature control can only be reliably guaranteed if the required hot or cold water temperatures are available at all times. Uponor Climate controller C-46 heating/cooling takes care of the supply temperature control by sensing atmospheric conditions. The supply temperature control offers a solution to suit every application; for heating, cooling or keeping outdoor areas free of snow and ice. Choose between individual components, or a complete central control station ready to plug-and-play.

Uponor offers a broad variety of pre-fabricated and pre-assembled supply temperature control units. These are easy and fast to install. They allow energy efficient control of the supply temperature, and together with Uponor controls reduce energy consumption. The different units will be installed in the boiler room centrally, or remote at the distribution unit for the different radiant heating loops. For cooling you can have up to six humidity sensors for avoiding humidity when cooling your house or office.

The control solutions and components for supply temperature control from Uponor are based on our modular concept. They can be used for heating and /or cooling purposes for almost every building type; from a single family home up to an office building complex.


Uponor pump groups at a glance:

Pump group Push 23 Type 2
Pump group EPG 6
Push 23 B W

Pump group for constant supply water temperature control unit and thermostat with capillary sensor 20-55°C to connect to Uponor manifolds, installation with manifolds on-wall or in cabinets.
Output: 3-10 kW


Fluvia EPG 6 A

for separation and control of ground heat exchangers for free cooling as heat exhange station, pre-mounted with supply temperature control C-46
Output: 1-6 kW