The RTMâ„¢ fitting. No leaks. No tools. No equal

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Tool inside concept for fast and safe radiator connection

Choose our revolutionary new RTM Technology and you can be confident of a highly professional job every time. This is the plumbing joint of the future, helping you create perfect pipe connections, quickly and securely without hassle and without tools. You’ll know instantly when a connection has been properly made, resulting in a long-lasting, leak-free joint.

RTM Technology is designed to work perfectly with Uponor’s MLCP pipes. With our five layer composite pipe, we have developed an advanced product that unites the advantages of a metal and plastic pipe and eliminates the disadvantages of both materials at the same time. This offers product advantages that are second to none.

RTM joints are available in 16mm to 25mm diameters and are colour coded to show at-a-glance which size to select. This saves you time and avoids any chance of error. The end result is a safe, professional job you’ll be proud of.

Every RTM connection is quick and easy to make. Simply insert our MLC pipe into the fitting until you hear the distinctive click. This indicates that a secure joint has been made. You also have visual proof of success thanks to the 360º window, so once fitted – it is done!

The revolutionary RTM™ fitting. No leaks. No tools. No equal.


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Why is the RTM system ideal for radiator connection?

  • Innovative RTM technology
  • Very secure jointing
  • Joint indicator – visible and audible
  • No tool dependence
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Fully certified and approved


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Tips and tricks for the installation

  • Colour Coded Joint Indicator lets you know at a glance which size to select
  • Joint Indicator saves you time and ensures a safer and more reliable joint
  • Visible and audible indicator that a successful joint has been made
  • RTM can be used in combination with our press and compression fittings systems
  • Perfect for use in difficult access areas


More products for radiator connection

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  • The Uponor composite pipe for usage in radiator connection from dimension 14 – 32.

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  • The RTM fitting for easy installation thanks to its 360° window.


  • RTM tool
  • Tools
  • Only the cutting and calibration tool will be needed for the installation.


  • RTM fittings
  • Accessories
  • The wide range of accessories helps to finalize installation earlier.