uponor magna industrial floor heating

Special applications

Magna industrial floor heating

Absolute spatial freedom and optimum building utilization

The Magna industrial underfloor heating system from Uponor is a low-temperature heat distribution system for warming up industrial buildings. It is installed directly in the concrete slab of the floor structure. It is possible to utilize the steel reinforcement normally integrated into the concrete slab as support for the heating pipes. Heat can be supplied by all standard heating sources for industrial buildings.

The Uponor magna industrial floor heating system is hidden in floor structure and therefore offers freedom for the planning and use of the building. The low temperature system can ideally be used with renewable energy sources and is an extremely energy efficient. This leads to a reduction of operating costs during the entire life time.
uponor magna industrial floor heating

Industrial floor heating in a nutshell

  • Ideal usage of the hall space
  • Uniformly distributed temperature profile
  • Efficient working environment
  • Less air movement
  • Low operating costs
  • High traffic load possible