Uponor Tignum

Underfloor heating and cooling

Tignum Underfloor Heating System

Uponor Tignum- Flexible, quick and easy to install

A low profile underfloor heating system incorporating 15mm chipboard panels with grooves, which is suitable for thin aluminium heat emission plates and 12mm PEX pipes. The system comprises of only 2 panels, main and turning, for a minimal number of installation components.

The relatively wide spacing of 150mm between pipe runs, means that only 7 linear metres of 12mm pipe is required per m2 of floor area.The system has been engineered for speed and ease of installation and can be fixed on top of an even base. And best of all, the system has an ultra low profile of only 15mm making it ideal for integration into new builds and for retrofit floors.



How to install Tignum across different floor finishes

Uponor Tignum underfloor heating

Uponor Tignum in a nutshell

  • Low build height
  • Fast response time
  • Dry trade system
  • No joints below the floor
  • Reduced product inventory
  • Ideal for renovation and new build projects
  • Multiple directional turn panels
  • Snap point heat emission plates

Download a Tignum Installation Manual

Underfloor heating installation picture

Tignum underfloor heating installation instructions

Download instructions on how to install Tignum underfloor heating

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