Uponor Siccus - Gulvvarmeplade på eksisterende gulv

Underfloor heating and cooling

Siccus dry installation

Uponor Siccus Dry Installation features a Lightweight Design’

Uponor Siccus underfloor heating has been developed for use with suspended timber floors and is suitable for new constructions as well as for modernising old buildings. It  has a minimal construction height of 55 mm and is quick and clean to fit. All conventional floor coverings such as tiles, parquet, carpet and plastics with a maximum thermal resistance of Rλ,B = 0.15 m2K/W, are suitable for this system.

What does the Siccus system contain and how does it work?

  • Uponor Siccus comprises just four components; mounting sheet, heat conducting plate, heating pipe and PE foil.
  • It is light in weight: only 25 kg/m2 including the floor load distribution sheet. This is a real engineering bonus, especially for wooden joist constructions.
  • The low-mass floor construction allows for fast response temperature controls and the integral pipe guide channels in the Uponor Siccus mounting sheet hold the heat conducting plates and heating pipes.
  • The mounting sheet is flexible to use, easy to cut and pre-fitted with channels in the ”header area” for Uponor PE-Xa and MLC pipes.


What are the different options for heat emission plates?

There are three heat emission plate options available, which can suit timber floor applications:

  • HEP300- For use with timber suspended or battened floors with joists/supports at 300mm centres. 20mm PEX pipe only. 
  • HEP400- For use with timber suspended or battened floors with joists/supports at 400mm centres.
  • HEP411- For use with sprung timber floors with battens spaced at 411mm centres, such as Junckers Unobat and Blubat Sports Floor Systems, suspended or battened floors with joists/supports at 411mm centres. 20mm PEX pipe only.




Siccus Installation video

A step by step video on installing a Siccus Underfloor Heating System

uponor siccus installation

Uponor Siccus in a nutshell

  • Quick to install; the floor can be walked on immediately
  • Low static weight and inertness
  • Suitable for composite pipe or PEX pipe dim. 16mm
  • Fast response temperature control
  • Can be laid directly on to an existing floor
  • Boards can be routed with ease so as to accommodate additional pipe grooves and channels
  • Finished floor coverings can be laid
    directly on top
  • Low profile height

Siccus Installation Manual

Underfloor heating installation picture

Siccus floor installation instructions

Underfloor heating installation instructions for a Siccus floor

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