uponor siccus dry installation

Siccus dry installation

Uponor Siccus dry system - lightweight and easy to work with

Uponor Siccus underfloor heating system is a flexible solution that is characterised by its low construction height and its low weight. The system is suitable for new constructions as well as for modernising old buildings. It is quick and clean to fit, and can be walked on immediately after installation.

The Uponor Siccus range includes Siccus FX and Siccus 12mm:

Siccus FX
An alternative to traditional HEP systems, Siccux FX contains a grooved insulation panel with a prefabricated and applied aluminium foil heat emitting top surface. This allows for a quicker installation and an improved heat performance compared to traditional HEP systems.

The routed board provides space for 16mm Uponor pipe to be laid at 200mm cc and incorporates a high compression strength of 200 kPa. This product can be used with floating floor, suspended timber and raised access floor systems.

Siccus 12mm

A traditional HEP system, which incorporates an insulation panel with pre-routed grooves that allow Uponor 12mm pipe to be laid at 125mm CC.  A complete system includes the Siccus 12 heat emission plates.



Application areas:

  • Radiant underfloor heating and cooling
  • Dry installation
  • New builds and renovation



Siccus 12mm

  • Routed board thickness: 15mm
  • Pipe and dimension: Uponor Comfort Pipe 12 x 1.7 mm
  • Weight: 18 kg/m2 with parquet

Siccus FX

  • Panel thickness: 30mm
  • Pipe and dimensions: Uponor Comfort Pipe PLUS 16 x 2.0 mm and MLCP 16mm x 2.0mm

Uponor Siccus installation video

  • Step by step installation of a siccus underfloor heating system
  • Installation of all components such as EPS insulation, aluminium heat spreaders and pipes on top


Benefits of the Uponor Siccus system


How to install a Siccus system

Uponor Siccus FX
Uponor Siccus 12

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Uponor Siccus FX

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Uponor Siccus 12 mm

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