uponor siccus renovation wall heating

Wall heating and cooling

Siccus SW for wall stud installation

Stud walls for dry installation

Uponor Siccus SW (stand wall) system has been developed for installation in dry wall construction. It consists of a solid alumimium support element with integrated omega-shaped pipe  grids. The elements are already pre-assembled in dimension 14x2 mm using high-pressure cross-linked Uponor PE-Xa pipe. The pipe connections have been considered for an efficient assembly process.

Installation can be carried out by one person as the elements only weight  2.4 kg per piece. The system is easy and quick to install, as it uses a standardised distance between the panels. Heat is delivered where it is needed as the pipes are laid close to the surface.


uponor siccus schematic view


  • Retrofit installed stud walls provided efficient heating and cooling surfaces
  • Light weight panels ensure that the installation can be carried out by one-man 
  • Standard spacing of 625 mm
  • Can be used for heating and cooling in new builds as well as for renovation