Uponor Infralla on kokonainen tiimi asiantuntijoita, jotka keskittyvät työssään vain näiden haasteiden ratkaisemiseen


Uponor Infra 360° Project Services

We see the impossible as a challenge

There are underground projects that cannot be resolved using standard applications. Installation conditions or special requirements mean specially-designed solutions are needed. Uponor Infra has a dedicated team of engineers working solely on such projects. They are highly-skilled designers and craftsmen able to build every conceivable type of unique solution based on the customer's requirements. The result of our competence and experience is a service concept - Uponor Infra 360° Project Service, providing:

  • Design and calculations
  • Tailor-made products
  • Technical support
  • Field services
  • Project Management

We can provide anything from a tailor-made product to a complete turnkey solution, including installation.

Unique infraculvert in Linköping

All elements of underground infrastructure are concentrated in one location in the 2.2 km long Vallastaden Infraculvert. It houses pipes for 'inframedia' such as drinking water, sewage, district heating, district cooling, electricity, fibre and automated vacuum collection.