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Field services

On-site experience and expertise

Welded pipes destined to lie on the sea bed or pipes laid in other extreme environments require specialist skills. What's more, any project needs know-how within health, safety and the environment. That's what our field service is for.

It provides a full range of installation services – always focusing on safety and awareness of local requirements.
Welding of plastic pipes

We provide service and equipment

Uponor has solutions for welding pipe systems from dimensions of 20 to 1600 mm, with pressure up to 20 bar. We also have a product range including welding equipment to weld together straight pipe systems through butt welding or extrusion welding. The range includes band saws, welding machines for use within industry to manufacture parts, and equipment for controlling weld quality and parameters.

  • Electro-fusion parts and control boxes in dimensions of 20–355 mm.
  • Butt welding in dimensions of 40–1600 mm.
  • Extrusion welding of Weholitepipe dimensions of 560-3500 mm.

Super-sized cooling

About 1 km of Weholite pipes were installed in the Philippines as cooling water intake and outfall pipelines for the Petron Bataan Refinery (PBR).  The Project Service team at Uponor Infra offered a turnkey solution for the project.