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Project Management

Confidence through the entire project

We provide a Project Manager to handle everything for your convenience, cost-effectiveness and to ensure the highest quality. Our Project Manager is responsible for everything from contacts and deadlines to analyses and evaluation throughout the project. The bigger and more complex a project is, the more important it is to have plenty of contact, but via as few contacts as possible.

Our Project Managers are experts with plenty of experience in planning and organising major projects. They are responsible for ensuring that suppliers and sub-suppliers do their job. They also analyse and evaluate the work once it is in progress. By efficiently controlling resources and routines, they ensure that deadlines, safety margins and quality standards are all met.

You are welcome to contact us for more details on how we work with major turnkey projects all over the world!

Piping for mining in Lapland

Uponor Infra has been working in the Svappavaara mine area for five seasons and is now building the external water system pipelines for the world’s first pelleting plant NOx scrubber in Kiruna.