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Tailor-made products

Fit for purpose

Customised solutions are often not only the best for the ultimate objective, but they also shorten installation time significantly. Our skilful production team and unique technology mean we can develop the best solution.
Our Tailor-made products department is equipped with the latest technology and best tools. The personnel are highly-skilled specialists in developing and producing solutions for the most difficult and complicated jobs. We apply our advanced technology to many of our Weholite solutions. Using Weholite, every single pipe can be customised 100% in terms of appearance, including length, thickness, rigidity and colour. This pipe is uniquely durable, chemical resistant and impact-resistant down to -20 °C.

Examples of our range:

  • Storm water systems
  • Infiltration systems
  • Various types of storm water tanks
  • Pump stations
  • Manholes
  • Valve chambers
  • Meter chambers
  • Potable water tanks
  • Infraculverts
  • .....

Technology developed by Uponor

The Weholite technology was developed already in 1983, making it possible to customise solutions in dimensions from 300 mm up to 3500 mm. Pipes used for complete systems to transport liquids and gas below ground, in water or above ground, are made of polypropylene or polyethylene, smooth on both sides. In addition to pipes, we manufacture complete solutions with different integrated devices, such as pumps and separators.

Customised chambers according to customer requirements

We offer unique options for specially-designed chambers, made according to the customer's specifications. Chose the model you want in terms of size, height, connections etc. Send us a specification of what you want and we will help you build the best solution. Contact us

Unique opportunities with Weholite

High quality products in combination with experience and expertise provides unique opportunities of tailor made products such as storm water retention tanks, manholes, pumping stations, infiltration systems, alcalization tanks etc. We make the impossible possible.

Weholite storm water

We can't stop the rain, but can help you to prevent flooding. Weholite provides unique opportunities of storm water management; retention , infiltration, pumping and cleaning.

Weholite yield savings and smoother implementation

New dry land fish farm which will produce 3,200 tonnes of rainbow trout annually is being built at Eckerö on the Åland Islands. Uponor Infra has provided design assistance, delivered the pipes and is responsible for their installation and welding.