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S-Press Plus FAQ

1. What material are the new press fittings made of? 
DR brass body with stainless steel sleeve 
PPSU body with stainless steel sleeve 

2. What fitting diameters are available for the new S-Press PLUS? 
16 x 2 da x s [mm] 
20 x 2.25 da x s [mm] 
25 x 2.5 da x s [mm] 
32 x 3 da x s [mm] 

3. How are different fitting dimensions coded? 
The bright colour coding on the press indicator are easy to recognise even from far distances. The matching colour coding on the pressing jaws tells you which tool to use. 

4. Did the Zeta values change? 

Yes, the Zeta values are improved. Pressure loss was decreased by up to 60% as a result of Zeta value optimised fitting design. This guarantees an optimal flow rate at all points of use. Please check the relevant technical documentation for specific Zeta value information for DB brass and PPSU fittings. 

5. What are the operating temperature ranges for tap water and heating? 
Tap water: the permanent operating temperature ranges from 0 to 70 °C at a maximum permanent operating pressure of 10 bar. The short-term malfunction temperature is 95 °C for a period of 100 hours in the operating life time. 
Heating: the permanent operating temperature ranges up to 80 °C at a maximum permanent operating pressure of 10 bar. The short-term malfunction temperature is 100 °C for a period of 100 hours in the operating life time. 

6. Is Uponor solution backwards compatible? 
Uponor S-Press PLUS is fully backward compatible to Uponor Multilayer Composite Pipes and tools since 2002. 

7. What tools can be used for S-Press PLUS system? 
Your old tools and pressing jaws used for the Uponor press system are applicable. S-Press PLUS is also compatible with external pressing tools. Please check technical documentation for a specific match. 

8. Does S-Press PLUS need calibration? 

No calibration or beveling is needed. Simply attach a fitting to the end of a multiplayer pipe and secure the connection with a press tool. Joint security is guaranteed when the coloured foil falls away from the made fitting. It is clearly visible, if the joint is not pressed. S-Press PLUS has an additional test safety function, the fitting will immediately start to leak, even at low pressure, if it hasn’t been pressed correctly. Check out the installation video. 

9. What does the feature “Smart” mean? 
The innovative QR code on the fitting gives you immediate access to 24/7 tutorial and installation support. 
Individual project database and services: create and save own projects, create a certificate for pressure test, send certificate to building owners and get answers on important system questions. 
Item list and online ordering: select products from the catalogue, save pdf file and send to your merchant when ready to order 
All this information is accessible via Uponor PRO App. You can download it form Google Play store or App Store 

10. Is additional corrosion protection needed? 
Regarding surface corrosion protection, Uponor S-Press PLUS fittings can be installed directly in concrete, screed or under plaster: 
No general protection is required. 
No further external corrosion protection is required if the concrete, screed and plaster are completely dry within the time specified by manufacturers. 

Protection of metal connectors or metal components in direct contact with building materials is required in the following circumstances: 
Presence of permanent or long-lasting moisture 
pH value > 12.5 

In these cases, Uponor recommends suitable corrosion protection e.g. Kebu or DENSO tape. Please follow the relevant manufacturer's instructions. 

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Commonly asked questions around the S-Press Plus metal plumbing fitting range are answered in this document

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