Komposiittiputkijärjestelmää käytetään käyttövesi-, lämmitys- ja jäähdytysverkostoissa.


Can boilers be used in combination with the Uponor MLCP system?
Electronic controlled boilers can be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Hydraulic steered, electric boilers or those using gas may only be used if the manufacturer has confirmed that plastic pipes can be utilised.

Is it possible to use heating wires (de-icing) with the Uponor MLC system?
Basically, yes. However, you must ensure that the following parameters are not exceeded: Heating: operating temperature of max. 95°C for a maximum of 100 hours, at a maximum continuous operating pressure of 10 bar and at maximum operating temperature (Tmax) of 70°C. Potable water: short-term maximum temperature of 95°C for a maximum of 100 hours at a maximum continuous operating temperature of 70°C and a maximum continuous pressure of 10 bar (please contact us for other pressure/temperature combinations). Mounting/Installation must be in line with the manufacturer’s data.

Can the MLC pipe system be used for transporting fully desalinated water(FD-water)?

YES – for transporting fully desalinated water, the following Uponor Multi Layer Composite components can be used without restrictions: Uponor Unipipe MLC pipes, dimension 16-25 Uponor composite fittings, dimension 16-25 Uponor screw connections MLC, dimension 16 up to 25-G3/4 Eurocone Please note that all Eurocone connections already on site must consist of “FD-water” resistant material. For a reliable assessment of whether it is possible to use further components belonging to our Uponor MLCP system in combination with “FD-water,” a water analysis is required.

Can I install the MLC system in stables?
Uponor MLC pipes installed in stables are resistant to the normal atmospheric ammonia pollution which can occur in such facilities. However, installed press fittings are exposed to a high corrosion potential. For this reason, such fittings should not be used on surface installations. If an on-surface installation cannot be avoided, the fittings should be protected using the corresponding measures/methods (e.g. by using corrosion protection manufactured by companies such as DENSO or KEBU).

Is it possible to mix galvanised steel and Uponor MLC pipes in a potable water installation?
YES – in such a case universal use of the Uponor MLCP system is possible, since no contact corrosion will arise.

Can the Uponor MLC pipe be used for any potable water quality?
Yes, the Uponor MLCP system can be used without restrictions for potable water. Regulations according to DIN 1988 and the German directive on drinking water (TrinkwV) apply in correspondence with DIN 50930-6 (Influence on potable water quality). The German DVGW (German technical and Scientific Association on gas and water) and other approvals have been granted.

How should a pressure test be applied for potable water installations?
A pressure test must be conducted according to German standard DIN 1988, part two for plastic pipes. Please refer to the corresponding values that must be taken into consideration when installing our system.

Is it possible to freeze the Uponor MLCP system for repair purposes?
YES – the Uponor MLC pipe can be frozen locally for repairing lines, without clearing the entire installation.