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At home on the move

People who travel a lot, whether for business or pleasure, want to feel comfortable wherever they spend the night. That's why modern hotels offer their guests more than just a bed for the night. Restaurants, shops, sports facilities, spa areas and spacious lobbies for meeting up with people are now regarded as standard. A clearly sophisticated ambience is just as important as unseen energy-efficient technology for hygienic tap water, as well as comfortable heating and cooling solutions with room temperature controls.

Hygienic, flexible tap water delivery

  • System solutions for a perfectly hygienic tap water service
  • Hygiene control system and loop installation
  • Easy planning, installation and control with components from a single source
  • Legionella prevention
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How does radiant heating work?

Renowned expert Prof. Stefano P. Corgnati of the
Polytechnic University of Turin offers an easy-to-understand explanation of the advantages of Uponor radiant heat distribution solutions.

Energy-efficient heating and cooling technology

  • Maximum comfort for hotel guests
  • Invisible, energy-efficient solution
  • The ideal way to integrate renewable energies
  • Reliable, proven products
  • Precisely reacting control
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uponor underfloor heating in a swimming pool

Your benefits

Uponor's innovative system solutions cover the entire range of radiant heating and cooling options, as well as installation technology for hygienic tap water for hotel complexes of all sizes. Thanks to the wide range of sizes and applications, the modular systems can be combined in countless ways to create complete solutions. Uponor can assist you in all project phases, from planning to on-site installation. Our experts in internal and external service are there for you with practical support and advice.


  • Proven quality and reliability
  • Complete systems from a single source
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Extensive service from Uponor
Building owner/Investor

Your benefits

Reliable and efficient solutions from Uponor for heating and cooling, as well as drinking water delivery guarantee the sustainable and trouble-free operation of the hotel. Continuous monitoring of flushing processes contributes to the consistent prevention of legionella. The ability to precisely control the room temperature keeps energy requirements low. This way, you can save money during construction and throughout the useful life of your building. Uponor can assist you in all project phases, should you wish.


  • Suitable for renewable energy sources
  • Low maintenance and energy costs
  • Adding value to property
  • One single point of contact for multiple systems
  • Precise room temperature control
  • Clean and healthy tap water all the time

Your benefits

A wide range of requirements must be met when planning hotel buildings. This applies equally to new-builds and renovation projects. Extensive regulations on energy efficiency, hygiene and accessibility or the latest version of the Drinking Water Ordinance must be met. Uponor's surface heating and cooling systems are invisibly integrated into the building's structure. They thus allow you a high degree of architectural freedom when designing interiors. We will guide you through the planning and construction phase for the building, – from the initial drafts, approval and contract awarding through to commissioning.


  • More freedom for your spatial planning
  • Environmentally friendly heating and cooling
  • Customized systems for new-builds and refurbishment projects
  • Complete systems from a single source
  • Sustainable, problem-free operation

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Uponor solutions for hotels

Complete building solutions and services for maximum

  • Hygiene
  • Comfort
  • Energy efficiency
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