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Industrial buildings

The future lies in industry

Worldwide industrial production will be interlinked with modern information and communication technology in the coming years. This will require intelligent and digitally networked systems. Many creative minds are already at work on future projects for a sustainable, energy-saving world. Networking is also becoming increasingly common in buildings, which can control their technical building equipment in a self-sufficient approach. They react automatically to the influences of the environment and the preferences of their occupants. With its portfolio of innovative products and systems, Uponor is well equipped to meet the demands of the future.

uponor building solutions industrial buildings

Efficient energy concepts for hall-type facilities

  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Reliable, proven products
  • The best possible work and production environment
  • Maximum flexibility in the use of space


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Clean drinking water, anytime

Hygienic drinking water installations are vitally important in buildings where many people congregate. This requires that the pipe network should be in a perfectly hygienic condition, from the delivery point to the tapping point.
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Your benefits

From industrial radiant heating to distribution cabinets and from local heat distribution solutions to hygienic drinking water delivery, Uponor's innovative systems cover the entire range of installation technology. Every single component is tried-and-tested, has a long service life and is easy to install. Naturally, our extensive range of services is also available to you. From our sales reps to the Uponor Academy: our experts are there for you, offering support in all project phases.


  • Designing specific solutions for every customer project
  • Proven quality and reliability
  • Complete systems from a single source
  • Non-corroding systems
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Suitable for renewable energy sources
Building owner

Your benefits

For investors and operators of industrial and logistics facilities, the economic efficiency of a building is ultimately the most important criterion. Here it is necessary to find solutions for the design of the building and, in particular, for heating and cooling, that ensure the lowest possible energy, repair and maintenance costs over the period of use.

Uponor understands the conditions required by a wide variety of stored goods: for example foodstuffs, electronic components or paper products. Our solutions ensure constant temperature and humidity and can guarantee these at all levels throughout the facility without requiring technical equipment. Additional requirements can be easily implemented. You have every possible freedom when using the floor of the facility.

Your benefits

Anyone planning an industrial facility ensures with Uponor solutions that energy consumption will be reduced. This defines specific usage requirements for renewable energies and alternative measures for the provision of heating and cooling energy.
Uponor heat distribution solutions for industrial buildings, when integrated in the concrete, help ensure that waste heat can be exploited. This significantly reduces the costs of supplying heat to industrial buildings.

50% of the primary energy used in production is converted to waste heat, which can be re-used. When waste heat is used, it is possible to dispense with expensive measures to improve the energy efficiency of the building envelope.

Healthy and productive room temperature

Our energy-saving solutions are ideally suited for the use of renewable energies and reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. We provide support with comprehensive services that range from the preparation of feasibility studies to commissioning and other customer services.