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Whether it's indoors in a sports hall, outdoors on the grass or on the ice rink – many people take part in sport in their spare time or visit events to experience many different sports as a spectator. Athletes and spectators have different requirements. The construction of sports and leisure facilities therefore places stringent demands on the technical building equipment. Uponor offers suitable efficient solutions for heating and cooling as well as for drinking water delivery in sports facilities.

Drinking water delivery solutions with hygiene control system

  • Pipe network with smallest possible water content for good water exchange
  • Safe, reliable and easy to install
  • Minimises the risk of contamination, even if not used for long periods of time, e.g. during holiday periods
  • Perfectly hygienic from the delivery point to the tapping point
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Uponor's innovative solutions cover the entire range of installation technology for the supply of drinking water as well as heating and cooling in the construction of sports facilities. Our complete solutions seamlessly combine all system components. They are tried-and-tested, have a long service life and are easy to install. Naturally, our extensive range of services is also available to you. Our experts are there for you, offering support in all project phases from planning right up to installation on site.


  • Solutions for special applications in sports facility construction
  • Proven quality and reliability
  • Complete solutions from a single supplier
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Suitable for renewable energy sources
Building owner

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For investors and operators of sports and leisure facilities, the economic efficiency of the building is the most important criterion. Here it is necessary to find solutions for the design of the building and, in particular, for heating and cooling, that give rise to the lowest possible energy, repair and maintenance costs over the period of use and allow flexible usage of the systems.

For sporting events, conditions in the hall and in the stands should be constant for both spectators and athletes.
Constant temperature and relative humidity of the air at all levels throughout the facility must be guaranteed without requiring technical equipment.

Your benefits

A distinction is made in sports floor construction between area-elastic, combined-elastic, mixed-elastic and point-elastic construction. Our Siccus Sport or sprung floor heating solution offers you the right solution for every variant and requirement.

Uponor sports floor heating is a radiant heating solution for sports halls that is superior to conventional heating solutions in many ways. Installed invisibly under the floor, it offers unbeatable warmth and comfort without cumbersome system components that reduce the usable space or that could cause injury to users.

When it comes to costs, our feet remain firmly on the ground – as an energy-efficient low temperature heating solution, Uponor sports floor heating is also perfectly suited to use with renewable heat sources. In addition, the system components installed in the floor are maintenance-free, significantly reducing operating costs. 
Our experts are there for you, offering support in all project phases from planning right up to installation on site. We work with you to develop a solution that meets your technical building equipment requirements while at the same time satisfying your demand for good architecture.